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Bear Watching

Real wildlife tour, real bears!

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Beer tasting in Poprad, Slovakia

A great way to taste the REAL SLOVAKIA

Beer tasting in Poprad is set in our Tatra Mountains region in Slovakia and you will be introduced to the beer from two local breweries and visit one place with a selection of 15 types of Czech and Slovak small beer brands.

Your own personal driver will take you from one brewery to the others. Brewing is often described as a science or art. Our local breweries worked very hard to combine both – the art and the science of brewing. From Pilsners to Stouts, our beer guides will let you taste the award-winning beer of all types.  Whether you like it hoppy or malty, foamy or creamy, flavoured with cherry, light or dark. Our towns Poprad and Svit offer you delicious experience. Beers will be served with typical savoury beer delicacies, beer cheese, salami and sausage, if pre-ordered.

Beer tour is a perfect choice for every occasion – explore the fascinating connections between beer, food and history. Let us show you the complexity of our culture, brewery and the beer culture.

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Time to ride in Tatra Mountains in Bike Park in Slovakia

During your bike park day tour you will be taken to one of the most popular bike parks in Slovakia. It is located east to the Tatra Mountains in Bachledova Dolina. If you want to find a real adventure you are in the right place!

After a short transfer to the location you will get your equipment, buy a lift pass and your guide who is an experienced racer will check your skills at the lower part of the track and will give you some instructions.

You can find downhill track with the length of 1700 m and super elevation of 250 m in the park.

It is designed for experienced cyclists and racers but it is possible to avoid all the demanding spots and obstacles.

Free-ride and family track is prepared for you. The name suggests that the track is easy, but you will need some moderate skills to ride it down. Your balance and rhythm is going to be needed here. Once you fancy a break there is a nearby restaurant – the right place for recharging your batteries.

Moreover, the surroundings of the bike park, offering about 130 km of mountain cycling tracks are also used by beginners and occasional cyclists, as well as experienced cross-country and all-mountain riders who come here on their own. We recommend to see the wooden architecture of the village of Zdiar located only 2km away from Bachledova dolina.

So now, do not waste your time, send us an email and we will be happy to go out and ride in the bike park with you!

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Four national parks of Slovakia week tour

Pieniny National park and Červený Kláštor village.

High Tatras National Park – Vysoké Tatry

Slovak Paradise National Park – Slovenský Raj

Low Tatras National Park and Jasná – Nízke Tatry

Enjoy the best national parks of Slovakia in one week!!!

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Rock climbing in Slovakia! Great way to feel the mountains!

Rock climbing introductional day gives you an opportunity to try easy walls located in a beautiful nature of national parks in Slovakia. Licensed climbing instructors will teach you all the basics about equipment, activity itself and abseiling.

See the 3 main locations where we can take you:

1st – The Tatra Mountains – the biggest and the best in Slovakia. The High Tatras offer many climbing routes of all levels. The Tatra Mountains were formed by huge glaciers – granite stones and limestones in the past.

If you are interested in climbing in our mountains we can arrange a transfer from the nearest international airport (Krakow) or Košice.

2nd – Slovenský Raj /Slovak Paradise/ – one of the most popular places for rock climbing is definitely the National Park Slovak Paradise. The major climbing routes can be found at Tomasovsky vyhlad. The rock which you will climb on there is a limestone. There are many different routes from scale 3 to 10+ .

3rd – Dreveník /climbing near Spis Castle/ Dreveník is a really beautiful location near the biggest castle in Slovakia and Middle Europe Spis Castle. The location is similar to the Slovak Paradise with limestone walls. Level of the routes here are from scale 3 to 10+.

Slovak Paradise and Drevenik are our favourite locations for organizing rock climbing and abseiling school for beginners.

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PARAGLIDING and FLYING above the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.

Anyone healthy and over 15, younger people have to have a parental consent. Clients should be insured.

Sports equipment, solid boots, snack, drink and definitely a camera

That depends on the weather conditions and the type of terrain. The time thus varies from 1 minute up to few hours.

That also depends on the weather, we usually fly at around 100m to  900m above the ground.

We will teach you to fly by yourself.

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